Friday, 07/28/2017

Show time!  CRX starts today! Starting on Saturday, every person who attends will receive a free digital download and license for Amiga Forever and C64 Forever!  

Monday, 07/24/2017

We have add another guest speaker!  Mike Battilana from Cloanto (Italy) will be attending CRX and tell us what has been going on with Amiga Forever and C64 Forever products.  

Saturday, 07/15/2017

Due to the anticipated attendance we now have increased the size of the venue to over 5,000 sq. ft., along with 1,000 sq. ft. of foyer!  

Tuesday, 06/20/2017

Added Sajtron’s CRX promotional video!  

Monday, 06/12/2017

I somehow managed to convince Randy Farmer, formerly of Lucas Films Games (and co-creator of Habitat) to come to CRX to give a presentation.  Randy is responsible for the re-launch of Habitat called Neohabitat.  Randy was actually excited to attend CRX, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him come and share his history with us!  

Thursday, 06/08/2017

Added Dimitris Giannakis as a guest speaker.  Dimitris is reknown YouTuber and responsible for some of the most successful Amiga game ports!  

Tuesday, 05/16/2017

WavemStudios made a post via their Facebook page about their commitment to CRX: We have arranged an earlier start time for Friday (now 3pm instead of 4pm) and a later end time (now 4:30pm instead of 4pm).  This may be extended even further if necessary.  

Tuesday, 05/02/2017

More guest speakers are checking their schedules.  Unfortunately, Dave Haynie won’t be able to attend because he’ll be on vacation.  C’mon Dave, CRX Las Vegas is the ultimate vacation spot! ;)  

Saturday, 04/29/2017

The Alexis Park Resort has moved us to an even larger main room.  The Zeus Foyer along with Zeus B and Zeus C rooms will now be the home for CRX, giving us even more usable room space for the event!  

Monday, 04/24/2017

A deal was finalized with the Alexis Park Resort.  The Apollo Foyer along with Apollo 1 and Apollo 2 rooms will be dedicated to CRX, giving us over 3300 sq. ft. of space for the event.  
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July 28-30, 2017 - Las Vegas, NV