July 28-30, 2017 - Las Vegas, NV

Things are on schedule for first annual CRX  event!  We have booked the Alexis Park Resort. The registration is now working.  You can do  your table reservation any time you like.  We have added Randy Farmer to the presenters  list!  We have increased the venue size (again)!  We  now will have over 5,000 sq. ft. of space +  1,000 sq. ft. of foyer! 
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Presenters and Special Guests at CRX
Nate Lawson - Creator of the ZoomFloppy Presentation on archiving Software Support International (SSI) material, the evolution of  copy protection, and information on the ZoomFloppy. Jim Drew - Ex-CBM employee and long time CBM developer Presentation on the history of advertising wars between the copy software companies,  information on CBMSTUFF products. WavemStudios  - Feature and documentary production company based in the U.K.  Presentation on the Kickstarter project “The Commodore Story”. Randy Farmer - Lucas Films Games  Presentation on his involvement at Lucas Films Games, including the creation of Habitat and  the new re-launched version called Neohabitat.  Randy is the recipient of the prestigious  Pioneer Award for his ground breaking work.  This is will be a spectacular presentation with  Q&A session afterwards!  See the Neohabitat project here:   Bruce Q. Hammond - Owner of Star Point Software  Presentation on his company, Star Point Software, and its popular products like ISEPIC,  DiSector, StarDos, and many more!  David Holz - Programmer  Presentation on his A.I. based interactive disassembler for retro and modern computer  systems.  Dimitris Giannakis - Software developer/YouTuber Responsible for game ports to the Amiga including Rise of the Triad, Strife, Duke 3D and  more!  Big influencer in the Amiga Community.  Check out his YouTube channel: Mike Battilana - Owner of Cloanto Cloanto is responsible for AmigaForever and C64Forever emulations.  Mike is coming from  Italy to discuss the latest news on these great products!  More presenters and special guests to be announced as we book them!
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